ULTRA FINE PULVERISER (Fineness upto 5 Microns)

SINGHASINI Ultrafine Pulverisers are impact type, high speed, air swept, swing hammer type, multipurpose grinding mills coupled with a separate centrifugal blower, capable of grinding soft minerals & chemicals upto the hardness of 2.0 Mohs. The main mill is supplied with high efficiency cyclone air separator & dust collector. The material of construction of internal parts of Pulveriser main mill, cyclone air separator & dust collector varies as per individual requirement. The Pulveriser is supplied with Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller for maximum feeding. The Pulveriser can be supplied with Reverse jet Pulse air type dust collector or Totally enclosed Manual shaking type dust collector or with open type static tubular dust collector. Soft Minerals like Calcite, Soap Stone, Pyrophyllite, Dyes & Pigments, Chemicals etc etc can be grinded easily.


Mineral Size 25
Kg / Hr
Size32 Bd. Ch.
Kg / Hr
Size 42
Kg / Hr
Calcite 350 500 700
Pyrophyllite 350 500 700
Soap Stone 400 550 800
Motor Required 40 70 125

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