SINGHASINI Tray Dryer consists of rigid angle iron frame covered with heavily insulated glass wool on all sides to prevent heat losses from the dryer and mild steel sheet covering , provided with fresh air inlet & adjustable air outlet. The Dryer is finished internally with SS316 / SS304 or Aluminium sheet or heat resistant Aluminium paint to minimize heat losses . Heating is done with electrical heaters / steam heaters or indirect fired hot air generators to achieve required temperature . Cross flow air circulation is maintained in the dryer in such a way that hot air passes over the trays and through it on the sides where it is reheated and recirculated to continue the cycle. A part of air is bled off to reduce moisture content. SINGHASINI tray Dryers are available in 48 , 96 , 192 trays with Aluminium trays and M.S. trolleys . Explosion safety door is available for special application dryer . Dryer is provided with Pre-wired control panel consisting of Digital Temperature Controllers , Contactors , Over Current Relays , Fuses , Indicating Lamps , Push Buttons etc etc.

Nos. of Trays 48 96 192
Nos. of Fans One Two Four
Nos. of Motor / H.P. One /1 Two / 1 Four / 1
Heating Load 100 /150 Deg C 6/9 12/18 24/36
Nos. of Doors One Two Two
Size of Tray 32 x 16 x 1.25 " 32 x 16 x 1.25 " 32 x 16 x 1.25 "
Power Supply AC, 3Ph, 415V, 50Hz AC, 3Ph, 415V, 50Hz AC, 3Ph, 415V, 50Hz

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