" Designed as per individual Product requirement
based on our grinding experience "

SINGHASINI Micro Pulveriser / Double Drive Pulverisers are impact type, high speed, air swept, swing hammer type, multipurpose grinding mills capable of grinding soft to medium hard minerals & chemicals upto 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 Mesh and beyond depending upon material hardness and grindability. The Pulveriser comprises of main mill with Automatic Feeder & Gear Box, Static Classifier, Centrifugal Blower, High Efficiency Cyclone Air Separator & Dust Collector. The material of construction of internal parts of Pulveriser main mill, cyclone air separator & dust collector varies as per individual requirement. The Pulveriser is supplied with Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller for maximum feeding.

The material is fed into the Grinding Chamber of Micro Pulveriser / double Drive Pulveriser through closely regulated Automatic Feeder driven by a Gear Box. The material, after grinding, passes to the Static Classifier [main Secondary Classifier] through built-in internal Whizzer Cone Classifier [primary Classifier]. The Centrifugal Blower sucks the ‘fine’ material from the Static Classifier and delivers it to the high capacity, high efficiency Cyclone Air Separator where-in the material gets separated out from the air and very fine particles go towards the Dust Collector for further collection of fines.

Screw Feeder, ‘Free Silica Separator’ and ‘Air Lock Valves with suitable Gear Boxes’ are provided in the system where ever required.


Given below is the table indicating the pulverising capacity on average basis however the capacity figures will vary from case to case depending upon several factors. These figures are meant for guidance only.

Mineral Size 25
Kg / Hr
Size32 Bd. Ch.
Kg / Hr
Size 42
Kg / Hr
Calcite 350 500 700
Pyrophyllite 350 500 700
Soap Stone 400 550 800
Lime Stone 350 450 650
Motor Required (H. P.)
For Main Mill 40 60 100
For Centrifugal Blower 7.5 10 15
Miscellaneous 3 3 5


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