SINGHASINI Roller Mills, the Grinding operation in which is performed on the principle of attrition & compression, which results due to the centrifugal force generated from the suspended rollers running inside the Bull Ring.
A constant quantity of air is circulated through the mill & system. The air from the blower enters the mill through a series of tangential ports round the base of Grinding Chamber and sweeps the fine & medium fine materials to the classifier above the Grinding Chamber leaving no ground material in the chamber & allowing the rollers to work efficiently crushing coarse material.

The Mill is supplied with Automatic Feeder, Classifier, Cyclone Air Separator, Centrifugal Blower. For Providing dust less operation, the mill is supplied with Reverse jet Pulse air type dust collector or Totally enclosed Manual shaking type dust collector or with open type static tubular dust collector.

SINGHASINI Roller Mills are available in three sizes. the figures given below are only indicative and will vary from material to material.
Main Mill
Size No.1 0.1 - 0.25 10 7.5
Size No.2 0.25 - 0.60 20 15
Size No.3 0.60 - 1.50 30 25